Welcome to nRedir 3.x

nRedir is a CGI-based HTTP tunnel that forwards TCP connections through HTTP requests to an arbitrary URL. It was designed with the following simple goals in mind:

The project is not very active, but you can follow its progress on BitBucket, some new commits may occasionally appear.

nRedir is ©2004-2012 ClĂ©ment Mairet <c.mairet@tigris.fr> and licensed to you under the BSD 2-Clause license.

Latest News

2012-02-08: Once again, the project was resurrected from the dusty limbo it has been sleeping in for the last few years. Version 3.0 has been sitting around for a long while until I had a use for it. And it turned out to work so nicely that the project came back to life.

We now have a new website, a proper BitBucket repository and code that works. And even then there is a lot to do, especially documentation-wise, before any kind of serious release. However, nRedir has had a tendency to be resurrected just before a release, which usually turned out not to happen. So I'm putting a beta release online for real, if only to justify the effort.

There is no roadmap per se but I'll try to focus on the following points for the next release:

Additional features, such as persistent sessions or user-specific server-side configuration have a much lower priority and will be implemented, er, at some point. Patches and contributions welcome!